Some of the cute things I’ve seen at weddings

Weddings are a treasure trove of heartfelt moments and creative ideas. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing some of the most adorable and unique moments that couples have incorporated into their big day. These charming touches not only add a personal flair but also create lasting memories for everyone involved. Here are a few of the cute and creative things I’ve seen at weddings over the years:

  1. Persoanalised floral bouquet : One bride asked her guests to bring a stem of their favorite flower to the wedding. As she walked down the aisle, she gathered these flowers into a beautiful bouquet. It was such a touching moment, and everyone, was in awe of the beauty and symbolism of it all.
  2. Selfie Fun: I’ve seen this a few times and its always a hit! The celebrant got all the guests to take selfies or photos of each other throughout the day. These photos were then texted to the bride and groom, with a short message, so the next day they had a whole collection of fun photos of their family and friends.
  3. Heartfelt Welcome: One couple handwrote letters to all 100 of their guests and displayed them as welcome cards at the reception. Everyone was completely moved to tears and have all held onto those letters as keepsakes.
  4. Nature’s Confetti: There was a ceremony in a forest where instead of throwing confetti, the guests threw birdseed at the couple because the groom was obsessed with birds. It was such a sweet and eco-friendly alternative! I’ve also seen hand-stamped leaves, dried rose petals, and lavender buds, all can add a beautiful natural element to the celebration.
  5. Family Love: It’s always heartwarming to see parents or grandparents being the witnesses at a wedding. It adds such a special touch and emphasizes the importance of family.
  6. Musical Surprise: I’ve seen this one a few times and it gets me every time! , seeing one of them surprise the other by jumping up on stage and singing a song. Its always fun and unexpected moment that added an extra layer of joy to the evening.
  7. Pre-Reception Fun: Another couple played flip cup with their bridal party before the reception, and it was hilariously fun! It set the tone for the rest of the evening and made for an all-around good party.
  8. Personal Touches: Personalized place cards with messages for each guest added a special touch to the reception. Guests felt appreciated and valued, making the day even more memorable for everyone.
  9. Beer Barrow Brigade: Having the groomsmen come down the aisle with a wheelbarrow full of ice and beer and handing them out as they went was pretty awesome! It added a fun and casual vibe to the ceremony. I’ve also seen them be ‘flower boys’ – with small pouches of petals – also makes for a fun moment!

These moments are what make weddings so special and memorable. It’s these little details that truly capture the love and personality of the couple and create a day that everyone will cherish forever.

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