• How long have you been doing wedding photography?

I have been doing wedding photography for over 14 years. I am also a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) which means I am trained, educated and skilled as a professional photographer and i specialise in wedding photography full time.

• Do you cover groom preparation?

All my packages are customizable so you can allocate the time included in the packages how you wish.

• I want a combination of both colour and black & white for my wedding—is that possible?

In your final gallery, you will receive one folder with the high resolution colour images – you will get a 2nd folder of images with the high resolution black and white images.

• Do you offer albums and printing?

Yes, I offer albums and parent albums. Contact me for pricing. I also offer prints and canvases.

• When do I pay the final balance?

The final balance is due 1 month before the wedding date.

• How much time will you spend at my wedding?

All my packages are customizable so i can cover from as little as 3 hours to the entire day.

• What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

I shoot using Nikon DSLRs and a variety of lenses, a few zooms but mostly primes.

• How long should I plan for the post wedding pictures (formals)?

Depending on your choice of location, travel time and time of day (quality of light) between 1-3 hours.

• Do we need a second shooter?

Yes! This is really important, especially to get all of the details captured. For weddings, I wish I could be in multiple places at once, but I haven’t figured that trick out yet! In the meantime, a second shooter ensures we can capture you walking down the aisle and your partner’s reaction. This also means we can move around calmly during big events like the ceremony, knowing that somebody else is there getting a second angle.

• How can I reserve my date?

Just contact me via phone or email. a booking-fee is required to secure the date.

• Do you travel?

Yes absolutely! I love to travel and photographing beautiful weddings in destinations around the world is a dream! Please let me know straight away if your wedding involves travelling, so that I can doublecheck availability for the extra days of travel and put together a customised quote including costs of airfares, accommodation, etc.

• Can we have the unedited images or RAWs from our shoot?

Photographers have long searched for a way to explain why we don’t do this, and the best one I’ve heard is this: asking a photographer for their RAW files or unedited photos is akin to asking a professional chef for the ingredients for his signature dish so that you can go home and make it yourself.
Plus, it’s my sincere hope that you’re hiring me because you love my style, and there’s no way to recreate that just with the RAWs as my editing style has been carefully crafted over years.

• Do your prices include tax?

Yes, of course! The price you see is the price you pay!

• Can we bring our dog?

Please do!!! I absolutely love it when you bring your fur baby (or fur babies!) along to your wedding day. I’ll give them lots of love and cuddles and be sure to get a few good photos of them for you!

• What do we do if it’s raining during our engagement session or wedding day?

Whatever you do, don’t stress about it! I know rain on your wedding day can be frustrating or sad, but it happens and in fact, it makes for beautiful photos and even more special moments! You’ve hired good wedding vendors for a reason – while I’m sure the florist will know what to do with the flowers, I’ll take care of the photos and do my best to have a few undercover photo spots in mind just in case. Just relax, trust your vendors and enjoy your special day – rain or shine.

• Can you shoot JUST our engagement session if you’re not available for our wedding?

Of course! I’d love to – engagement, pre-wedding and adventure sessions are all so special and I’d be more than happy to document it for you.

• How long until we can expect to see our photos from our wedding?

I’ll put together some sneak peek photos for you within 1 week of your wedding – a beautiful preview of what’s to come! Your final gallery will be ready up to 12 weeks after your wedding.