• How long have you been doing wedding photography?

I have been doing wedding photography for over 12 years. I am also a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) which means I am trained, educated and skilled as a professional photographer and i specialise in wedding photography full time.

• Do you cover groom preparation?

All my packages are customizable so you can allocate the time included in the packages how you wish.

• I want a combination of both colour and black & white for my wedding—is that possible?

On the usb you get one folder with the high resolution colour images – you will get a 2nd folder of images with the high resolution black and white images.

I also provide a 3rd folder with both the colour and black and white images in low resolution; these are ready for social media/emailing.

• Do you offer albums and printing?

Yes, I offer albums and parent albums. Contact me for pricing. I also offer prints and canvases.

• When do I pay the final balance?

The final balance is due 14 days before the wedding date.

• How much time will you spend at my wedding?

All my packages are customizable so i can cover from as little as 3 hours to the entire day.

• Did you bring backup equipment for your wedding photography?

I shoot using 2 digital camera bodies and I have a spare digital camera, and a variety of lenses

• How long should I plan for the post wedding pictures (formals)?

Depending on your choice of location, travel time and time of day (quality of light) between 1-3 hours.

• Is it important that the wedding photographer bring an assistant?

Wedding photography assistants are absolutely essential for a professional job. Especially during a ceremony in a church or temple, one photographer will frequently be in the wrong place or blocked from the best view. You don’t want your photographer running around, disturbing the ceremony, so that they can get shots of both the bride and the groom. At my weddings, I am the main photographer, but it’s reassuring to my clients to have an assistant as a backup who might get a precious shot that I may have missed.

• How can I reserve my date?

Just contact me via phone or email. a booking-fee is required to secure the date.

• Do you travel out-of-state to do photography?

This is negotiable upon request; all travel expenses (e.g. airfare, accommodation) must be provided.