Protect your memories

A Guide to Your Online Wedding Gallery

By now, I expect you’re already familiar with your online gallery – hopefully, you’ve even been back to visit a few times and have even begun choosing favourites for your Fine Art Wedding Album! Because your memories are important, I wanted to share some extra information with you about the best way to protect and preserve your precious memories.

Your online gallery is filled with features, but most importantly, it’s where you’ll find your photos. You should find all photos provided in both colour and black & white, ready to print, download and share with family & friends.

Download (Part I)

There are a number of ways to download your photos. If you want to download a single image, then hover over that image and click the down arrow. A dialogue box will open giving you options for the download – you can choose between High-Res and Web-Size, as well as where to download the image to.

Download (Part II)

To download the whole gallery, or if you’d like to select multiple photos to download, click the downwards arrow symbol that appears in your gallery’s main menu (see image below). If you want multiple images, it will take you to a screen where you can select your photos and choose High-Res or Web-Size. If you want to download the full gallery, simply click on Download and the resolution you’d prefer! The full gallery may take a moment to download.


As you go through your gallery, you can choose to select favourites and hide images. To select a favourite, simply click the heart icon that appears on the photo! To hide an image, click the symbol that looks like an eye with a line through it. Don’t worry! This won’t delete your photo – it will simply hide it from immediate view and prevent other visitors you invite to the gallery from seeing that photo.


I’ll bet there are plenty of people who can’t wait to see your wedding photos! To share with family & friends, click on the right-facing arrow symbol in your gallery’s main menu. You can share via Email, via Facebook, or with a custom link.


the Digital Images

There is nothing quite like seeing your precious wedding photos in print. Your photos come to life and have more depth, more meaning, when printed.

Inside your gallery, you can select from a range of beautiful prints supplied by my trusted, professional print lab. Don’t let your photos gather digital dust! Print them and hang them in your home, so that you can be reminded of your beautiful wedding each and every day.

Not All Labs Are Created Equal

My monitor has been professionally calibrated for print and your images are saved with the print-standard RGB colour profile. You can of course print your photos with whichever lab you like – you don’t need to order them from me or your personalised gallery shop. Wherever you go to print your photos though, please choose a good lab that will take advantage of the best ink, paper and process to produce beautiful prints for you. The same printed image at several labs can produce different results. Choose wisely!


Unfortunately, I have limited overall online storage for all my clients galleries, and so your online gallery has an expiry date. Don’t fret though! I’ll give you plenty of warning before your gallery is taken offline. If you’d like to keep your gallery online, I’ll give you an option 2 weeks before it expires to extend your gallery. This is an annual subscription provided by Pic-Time that will allow you continued access to your gallery for a small fee each year. If you have any questions, just let me know!

Back It Up

I cannot stress this enough – it is so, so important to back up your photos! I would hate for you to lose your images because of a hard drive failure or because you lose the one copy you’ve kept on a USB. To save yourself from future heartache, back up your photos. Having two copies is good, but three copies are better!

Of course, your Pic-Time Online Gallery Backup is one copy done & dusted! Next, I recommend downloading your full gallery – both High-Res and Web-Res – and saving them to a USB or hard drive. Keep another copy on the computer. That’s three copies done & dusted! Even if your computer fails, or your hard drive fails, you can sleep easy knowing your wedding photos are safe.

And that’s it! Now you know everything you need to know about protecting your precious memories. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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