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Because Your Story Doesn’t End (or Begin) with Your Wedding…

If you’ve worked with me before, you’ll already know this, but if you’re new around here, I want to let you in on a little secret.

Despite being a wedding photographer, I don’t actually believe the most important part of a wedding is photography. Yes, I’m being serious!

The most important part of a wedding is your experience – it’s sharing this momentous occasion with the person and people you love most. It’s documenting everything from the moment you say ‘I do’ to the big belly laughs during speeches and quiet kisses during your portrait session.

So, what’s this got to do with Lifestyle Portrait Photography?

Well, your story doesn’t end (or begin) with your wedding.

Life is filled with incredible, beautiful moments and each of those moments is worth documenting – from the uninhibited joy of being newly engaged to the overwhelming love only a new parent can feel.

I believe your story is worth documenting, so that you can look back and remember the beauty in the everyday.

Engagements & Couples Sessions

Getting engaged is a moment of true joy – there’s so much anticipation and excitement! In the future, you’ll look back at these photos and wonder at how young and in love you were (trust me!!). But for now, they’re a beautiful celebration of this moment, and a reminder of what it is you’re working towards while planning your wedding.

Couples Sessions

You don't need to be getting engaged to celebrate with a couples session though - a portrait session is a fun way to celebrate an anniversary, or a different kind of date night! No matter your reason for booking a couples session,it's always lovely to have beautiful photos with your person.

Trash the Dress

Okay, perhaps this isn’t one of those huge, unforgettable life moments but Trash the Dress sessions are definitely a whole lot of fun! The fact that planning a wedding can be stressful has never been a well-kept secret. We all know it’s the truth (made up for by the fact that your wedding day is almost always one of the best days of your life!!). So a Trash the Dress session can be a bit of fun once all the festivities and planning is over!


Nothing will change your life quite so much as stepping into the role of parenthood. It’s beautiful, transformational, and honestly, can be a whole lot scary. I can relate to the nerves of bringing a life into the world. That said, taking a moment to pause and celebrate this event can be the balm you need to calm your nerves. It can also be something to look forward to as you start your third trimester (I recommend aiming to have your maternity photos around 30-34 weeks!). Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and your pregnancy is a story worth documenting!


Not every parent’s experience is the same, so I won’t repeat the same old lines about the love that washes over you when you meet your baby for the first time. What I will say is that those early newborn days go by fast! It feels like you blink and the next moment you have a walking, talking little person to chase after! Those early newborn days are beyond precious and having photos of your new baby is priceless.

Family Portraits

It’s truly incredible watching on as your tiny little babes grow into their own, independent, unique personalities. Family is endlessly important and there’s nothing quite like looking back over old family albums, reminiscing on the way you’ve all changed and grown. But of course, to do that, you need to have those family albums! Lifestyle family shoots are a fun way to capture your family as they really are – quirks and all.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

It’s exactly what I’ve just said! Lifestyle Portrait Photography is relaxed, authentic, candid photography. Lifestyle Portraits are taken with intention and care, to capture moments as they really happen. If you have active kids, that means running around after them as they get out all their energy! If you have a tiny newborn, that means taking photos slowly and giving you all time to really soak in that newborn joy. And in case of pre-wedding photos? Well, it means showcasing your love in a way that feels real and true to who you are, whether that means dancing & laughing or getting in real close for a warm hug.

But first, you need to reach out! To find out when I’m available and start planning, just click on the link below.

Or to find out more about my favourite Locations for Perth Lifestyle Portraits, keep reading!


Believe it or not, there are so many beautiful locations around Perth for portraits that aren’t just the beach!

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable during your portrait session, and so the ideal location will change depending on the kind of shoot and on your personalities.


Photos at home can have a special meaning at any time of life, but it works especially well for newborn portraits. When you’ve just had a baby, it’s likely the last thing you’ll want to do is traipse around in search of a beautiful spot. At home, you have access to everything you’ll need, including nappies and changes of clothes, and you won’t need to fret about car seats or anything else. Let me come to you so that you can focus on your growing family.

Ideal for: Newborn Portraits, Family Portraits, Couples Sessions


If you want romantic golden light or space for your little ones to run around, open fields can make for beautiful photo locations. I have a few little spots that I love, but I’m also open to hearing ideas! If there are some clear areas, you could even consider setting up a cute picnic!

Ideal for: Couples Sessions, Pre-Wedding Shoots, Family Portraits


The Wanneroo Pines are located North of Perth and they make for an incredible photo backdrop. The tall pine trees leave enough space for us to move around while creating an easy-going, natural backdrop. If you’ve been, you’ll know that there’s a lot of ground to cover there, but I’ve got the perfect spot already in mind, so I’ve got you covered!

Ideal for: Couples Sessions, Pre-Wedding Shoots, Family Portraits


There’s an amazing spot in Perth’s East where there is easy access to beautiful vineyards. Vineyards have a hint of romanticism and in this particular spot, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a kangaroo. While vineyards can work for family photos (I’m thinking peek-a-boo amongst the vines!), their best for Couples Sessions and Pre-Wedding Shoots, so you can use your Perth Lifestyle Photography session as an excuse for a date night and enjoy a glass of wine together after the shoot.

Ideal for: Couples Sessions, Pre-Wedding Shoots


Not to be secretive, but I have a few special Perth Locations for Portrait Shoots .They arent well-known spots, and so I’ve decided to keep it as a special secret just for my clients. These places range from, beautiful greenery, lakes, bush, field, wooded areas, cactus, and hills with breathtaking views. They are lovely for couples who want to explore someplace new during their portraits, or for families whose little ones will enjoy the wonders of nature. Get in touch to find out more!

Ideal for: Couples Sessions, Pre-Wedding Shoots, Family Portraits


Without a doubt, the best time for photos is always around sunrise or sunset. If you’re looking to book a couple’s session or a Pre-Wedding Shoot, I’d say let’s definitely aim for one of those times!

If you’re interested in family or newborn photography though, then it’s worth considering your kid’s routine. When they’re well-rested and have full bellies tendS to work the best and leaves less chance of any toddler drama! You know your little ones best, so let’s chat and work out a time that balances getting the best light for your photos with the best timing for your family.

Lifestyle Portraits

What to Wear

One of the questions I get asked most when it comes to Perth Lifestyle Photography is, ‘but wait, what do we wear?’

What to Wear for Portrait Photos: Neutral, Solid Colours

No, this doesn’t mean all wear a white shirt with denim bottoms! This just means don’t go crazy with the colours (unless that’s how you always dress!). While the most important thing will always be that you feel comfortable and dress in a way that is true to you, wearing neutral tones and solid colours will make your photos timeless and beautiful.

A Note on Busy Patterns or Obvious Brand Names

If you love wearing dresses with floral patterns or colourful shirts, then by all means, go ahead and wear them for your shoot! I’d just recommend that you don’t wear anything too overwhelming or anything with obvious brand names, for the same reasons I recommend wearing neutral tones and solid colours. Your Perth Lifestyle Portrait session should be all about you and the emotions you’re feeling, and crazy patterns or obvious brand names can easily distract from the important things!


a note on pets

You should absolutely bring your pet (especially your dog!) to your Perth Lifestyle Portraits session! For so many of us, our pets are part of our family and it’s always lovely to include them – and often adds a whole lot of fun! Just make sure if you’re bringing your dog, you let me know so we can plan to go to a location where dogs are allowed. Not only that, it’s important that dogs are comfortable and trained so that we don’t spend your whole shoot calming them down or chasing after them!


a note on props

When it comes to props, on the other hand, it really depends. If you’re thinking about bringing something finicky, that could be cumbersome, it’s best to leave it at home. Things like little signs can be really cute, but often you lose a lot of time in your portrait session while setting them up and moving them around. I want you to be completely present and really make the most of our time together, not spend your shoot worried about using all the props!

If the prop you want to bring is something you love and do together often though, I say bring it along! For example, if your family loves music and playing the guitar together, then definitely, bring your guitar! Or, if your little one has a toy they are absolutely attached to, let them hold onto it. It’s part of your story and that’s worth documenting.