Elevate Your Memories with My Content Creation Extras!

Hello, amazing couples! Excited about your upcoming celebration? While I’m capturing those irreplaceable, candid photos of your wedding, why not amplify those memories? My Content Creation Packages seamlessly enhance your photo collection, adding layers of motion and emotion to your day.




Essential Content Creation Package

*Elopements and micro-weddings or just a small part of the day
*3 hours of mobile footage coverage, capturing the raw and authentic essence of your day.
*Downloadable folder of raw footage available within 3 days post-event.


Classic Content Creation Package

*Full-scale weddings that need a dynamic touch.
*5 hours of footage coverage, including a professionally edited 3-5 minute highlight reel.
*Downloadable folder of raw footage within 3 days and edited reel (3 minutes) within 3 weeks post-event.


Premium Content Creation Package

Couples who want extensive coverage and detailed storytelling.
7 hours of footage, multiple short clips, and a 3-minute highlight reel, all edited to showcase your day perfectly.
Downloadable folder of raw footage within 3 days and edited content within 3 weeks post-event.

What I Bring to Your Big Day

📸 Extra Shots, Extra Smiles!

As I capture your wedding, I’m always on the lookout for spontaneous, genuine expressions and fleeting moments that make your day unique. The addition of content creation means heartfelt smiles or tearful laughter isn’t left behind.

🎥 From Quiet Moments to Laugh-Out-Loud Joy

Every love story shines in its own way. Through quick, engaging video snippets, you can relive and share the joyous highlights of your day—imagine replaying your first dance or the cheers during your toast anytime you wish!

🎬 The Full Experience

Experience the magic with a custom highlights reel. Beyond still photos, this reel weaves the vivid emotions and atmosphere of your wedding into a narrative that feels alive, offering a more immersive memory.


  • Shorter Reel (Around 60 seconds): “Capture the essence of your special day in a quick and captivating highlight reel perfect for sharing on social media.” — The 1-minute highlight reel is better suited for social media sharing because platforms like Instagram limit stories to 60 seconds, ensuring seamless integration and maximum engagement with viewers’ scrolling habits.
  • Longer Reel (Around 3 minutes): “Immerse yourself in the magic of every moment with a comprehensive highlight reel that beautifully tells the story of your wedding day.” (note no additonal microphones are used for recording speeches/vows)

Why Content Creation Is a Cherished Addition

Adding content creation to your photography package enriches the storytelling of your special day. It captures dynamics and details that photos alone can’t—like laughter, the rustle of your dress, and the love that fills the air. These elements craft a fuller, more textured memory of your wedding.

Content creation is particularly adept at capturing the ambiance and flow of your day. It provides a lively, intimate recap that lets you feel the excitement all over again. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes fun or heartfelt moments, these, in motion complement the still beauty of your photos, offering a complete and vibrant narrative.

Let’s Make It Happen!

Interested in making your wedding truly unforgettable? Let’s talk about how content creation can complement your photography and capture your day perfectly. Reach out at [Your Contact Information] or send a message here on the site. Together, we can ensure your wedding memories are not just captured but fully relived and cherished.